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Understanding Interior decoration from nutshell

Understanding Interior decoration from nutshell

If you don’t like a particular style of music, OR tired of theater, or aren’t interested in works of art, you can almost always avoid them. However, the architecture is different. A poorly designed project affects the lives of many people permanently and for a long time to come. Indoors, this effect is even stronger. Humanity is spending more and more time indoors, which has a direct impact on our well-being and health. With mandatory retirement, as in the current Covid-19 pandemic, we get an idea of ​​the importance of interiors for our well-being and even for the prevention of disease.

The most important elements that interior design should take into account are discussed in more detail below:

The layout of the project is, in short, the placement of equipment, furniture and installations, fixed or mobile, in the space to be developed. Proper distribution can be used to organize the flow of space, create permanent places, and create a hierarchy of space.

Whether stationary or portable, furniture directly affects the quality of any interior design project. It is the responsibility of the designer to ensure that the choices presented in the project favor the routine operation of the farm, taking care not to damage rudimentary elements such as the cycle.

Materials and coatings
Likewise, not all finishing materials are created equal. Although the selection is usually guided by factors such as aesthetics, functionality and price, it is important to consider both the composition of each material and its potential impact on the environment over its lifetime. . Today, the supply of finishing materials in most markets is wide and diverse, which allows us to assess factors such as their origin, durability, recyclability and hygienic or environmental properties that are not. independent of the future comfort of the designed space.

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